Here's A Song To Celebrate With

When good things happen in life, enjoy the moment with a song

When good things happen in life, enjoy the moment with a song.

Having an awesome moment alone or with loved ones is so much sweeter while background music is there to capture the moment.

Most wins are captured by phone. We rarely look back at those victories via pictures or video.

With pics and video on our phone, for some reason, we never go back to remanence. I think it's due to the effort involved with finding the picture. Who wants extra work.

I suggest continuing with photos but adding that one song that'll revive feelings of the moment.

It's like Pavlov's dog. It was introduced to a conditioned stimulus (the sound of a bell) that resulted in a conditioned response (salivating). Dogs rock!

The best part is when you're out and about and someone else is playing that song. All those feelings come back that are so deep. It happens to my family. We capture special occasions with a celebratory song.

The family was young with small children. Trying to finance a car in that time for us was tough. A dealer let me take the car home for a week without commitments to see if I really liked the car (who does that?). He said to "use the car as if it were your own. Drive anywhere, just bring it back in a week." So I did.

It was a Chrysler 300. We were gangster. No one was messing with us.

We drove 12 hours to Florida. Me and the lovely wife in front. A few youngsters in back. And as we rolled down the freeway, "Red, Red, Wine" by UB40 came on the CD player. As it blasted, we started to sing along, then the kids started to copy and the whole gang was singing along.

Since then, any big deal is attended by our song to celebrate with.

When we closed on our home and got the keys, we walked into the kitchen. The family huddled in a circle and said a prayer of thankfulness. Then I blasted that song.

We all sang and celebrated the moment.

Find a song. Add it to your repertoire of wins.

*I opine on topics searched and researched, so my blogs are based off honest thinking. Please be hungry enough to validate. Do your own research and share. - E. Ward

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E. Ward
January 16, 2021
Jan 16, 2021


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