Have you ever wondered why the Son of the Most High came to earth? The answer lies in the restoration of the kingdom of heaven on earth. In this post, we will delve into the ancient story of the Tower of Babel, the division of nations, and the divine plan to bring all of humanity back under Alohiym's rule.

The Tower of Babel: Disobedience and Division

In ancient times, before the Tower of Babel, all humans were under Alohiym's (God’s) rule and authority. However, the people at the tower of Babel disobeyed Alohiym's command to disperse throughout the whole earth. Instead, they sought to create a one-world government, one language, and one religion, all under the rulership of one corrupt man.

Divine Division and Alohiym's Inheritance

In Deuteronomy 32, we find a reference to Alohiym dividing the nations and giving them over to lesser alohiym, known as the sons of Alohiym. However, Alohiym's inheritance was Israel. His plan was to bring all of humanity back under His rule, stripping away the power and authority from the lesser alohiym (Psalms 82).

The Son of Alohiym: Making the Kingdom of Heaven Available to All

The Son of Alohiym came to earth with a mission to restore the kingdom of heaven.

Through His sacrifice, He made the kingdom of heaven available to everyone, regardless of their nation, tribe, language, or background. As Revelation 7 describes, a great multitude from every corner of the earth will stand before the throne and the Lamb, proclaiming salvation.


The Son of the Most High came to earth to restore the kingdom of heaven. The story of the Tower of Babel serves as a reminder of the consequences of disobedience and the division it brings. But Alohiym's plan is greater. Through His Son, He offers salvation and the opportunity to be part of a united and restored kingdom. Let us embrace this message and strive to live under Alohiym's rule, experiencing the power and authority of the kingdom of heaven.

Scriptural References: Deuteronomy 32, Psalms 82, Revelation 7

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E. Ward
Writer, Babel Report

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