The Book of Revelation has me pondering the concept of sorcery, seemingly as weighty as murder and idolatry. I'm on a quest to understand its nuances. Why does sorcery get a place among these serious offenses? What's the underlying message, and how can we interpret it in a modern context?

Deciphering "Pharmakeia"

The Greek term "pharmakeia" is quite the puzzle, resembling our everyday "pharmacy." But, you know, there's got to be more to it. Is it merely about medications, or does it hold a deeper significance? I'm digging into the roots, unraveling its layers to grasp its true essence.

Scriptural Stipulations on Sorcery

Deuteronomy lays down clear scriptural stipulations on sorcery – a resounding "no" to divination, enchantment, and spirit whispering. I'm curious about the backstory. What led to these explicit prohibitions, and what societal or cultural factors played a role?

Ancient Enchantments

Exploring historical accounts unveils captivating stories of sorcery, involving everything from human sacrifices to ritualistic practices. The Book of Yashar is like a time capsule into ancient enchantments. I wonder about the contextual factors and the societal dynamics at play during those times.

Divine Role of Healing

Shifting gears, the scriptures acknowledge the healing power of herbs and plants. There's a recognition of their benefits for medicinal purposes. Here's the catch – discernment is crucial. How do we align these natural elements with divine will? I'm keen on exploring the harmony between natural remedies and scriptural principles.


In today's world, we're surrounded by a plethora of modern healing practices. It raises questions for me – are we unintentionally stepping into sorcery territory with some of these methods? How do we navigate the fine line between medical advancements and staying true to scriptural principles?


Now, preventive health measures are in the spotlight. I steer towards a proactive approach, leaning into organics and embracing Barbara O'Neill's perspectives on health. It adds an extra layer to the discussion – how do our choices in preventive health align with our understanding of scriptural principles?

In a nutshell, I'm deep into this contemplative journey, dissecting the layers of faith and medicine. There's a lot to ponder, and I'm all ears for different perspectives and insights. Let's keep the conversation flowing!

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E. Ward
Writer, Babel Report

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