In our study of the New Testament, we uncover the beliefs of the first followers of YHWShA (Jesus) regarding heaven, earth, and the profound purpose underlying our existence. What happens after death? Personally, I'm on a quest to unravel this truth.

The one person who ventured there and returned to share the story is none other than YHWShA after his resurrection.

Heavenly Exile or Earthly Renewal?

Contrary to the popular notion of "going to heaven when you die," the early followers saw "heaven" and "earth" as interconnected facets of YHWH's creation. Instead of a plan to rescue souls from earth, they envisioned a grand reunion of heaven and earth, completing YHWH's original purpose. The catalyst for this transformation? YHWShA.


For these early believers, the resurrection of YHWShA marked the beginning of a new creation. In YHWShA, the perfect union of "heaven" and "earth" had already been realized. Their focus wasn't on escaping to heaven but on heaven arriving on earth. This perspective challenges the commonly held belief of departing earth for heaven, emphasizing the divine presence living among us.

YHWH Dwells Among Us

Ancient scriptures promised YHWH's return to dwell with His people forever. The early followers embraced this promise, understanding that, in YHWShA, YHWH had come to live among them.

The language used in the New Testament echoes the idea of YHWH pitching His tent among humanity, a callback to the Tabernacle of Moses and Solomon's Temple.

Hope of the World

The book of Revelation paints a picture not of souls ascending to heaven but of the New Jerusalem descending to earth. The apostle Paul speaks of the entire creation being liberated from corruption. The ultimate goal is for YHWH to be "all in all," a vision that challenges the modern understanding of a distant heavenly destination.

Personal Hope and Blissful Rest

The personal hope of YHWShA's followers was not merely escaping to heaven but anticipating resurrection—a new, immortal physical body in YHWH's new creation. Between death and resurrection, a period of blissful rest awaited believers. YHWShA assured His followers of "waiting-rooms" in His father's house, not as final destinations but as temporary resting places.

A Mission of Renewal

Understanding the historical context of the New Testament has profound implications for modern followers. Rather than viewing salvation as an escape from the world, the YHWH mission becomes a participation in YHWH's renewal of the entire creation. This perspective calls believers to be agents of change, actively contributing to the advancement of justice, healing, and beauty in the present world.


As we delve into the foundational beliefs of the early followers of YHWShA, we uncover a narrative that challenges and enriches our understanding of heaven, earth, and our role in the grand tapestry of YHWH's unfolding story. Beyond the intricacies of resurrection and renewal, our core purpose echoes the timeless commandment: to love YHWH with all our heart, mind, soul, and body.

This love is not a passive sentiment but a dynamic force that propels us into action. Our mission, as articulated by YHWShA, extends beyond personal salvation—it encompasses a mandate to teach all nations about the kingdom of YHWH. In embracing this mission, we become agents of change, actively participating in the advancement of justice, healing, and beauty in the present world.

The call to love YHWH and spread the knowledge of His kingdom is not just a religious duty; it is a profound invitation to co-create with YHWH in the ongoing work of redemption. Our purpose, then, is not merely to escape to a distant heavenly realm but to actively manifest the love of YHWH in our daily lives and share the good news with all nations.

As we navigate our journey of faith, let us embrace the comprehensive nature of our calling—to love YHWH wholeheartedly and to be ambassadors of His kingdom. In doing so, we contribute to the advancement of YHWH's purposes on earth, teaching all nations about the transformative power of His love and the promise of His eternal kingdom.

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E. Ward
Writer, Babel Report

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